Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arabic way of writing "Allah" looks like the ancient Sanskrit "Omk芒r", the genuine name of Bhagavan. Why?

I dont like this!

Why these people take symbols from my Dharm and pervert it?

Shivji half-moon crescent they put on top of their mosques.

And then they come and break Shivji's temples.

I dont like this one bit.

Hitler took the sacred Swastik and perverted it.

May these guys have an end similar to Hitler.

Arabic way of writing "Allah" looks like the ancient Sanskrit "Omk芒r", the genuine name of Bhagavan. Why?
this world is full of copy cats.......hehehehe..arrey think the other way-your dharm is so great that people wanna follow proud of your religion....let people do whatever they want to....hope you got you answer.....cheers!!!!!!!!
Reply:Excuse me but i think u're looking for excuses to say rubbish.

Allah in arabic does not look like omkar. i ask u look properly. n the moon is not anyone's property. anyone can use it as a symbol. u shud think before u put ur queries to the public.
Reply:Big deal, who cares.
Reply:Wrong in every sense, get a book about symbols and read it.

Reply:They took hindu numerals and called the "arabic numerals". They murdered upwards to one billion hindus in the Arab Muslim Invasions of India. They murdered upwards to 15 million Hindus in the infamous "Partition".

The greatest genocides in human history, by a long shot, were done by Muslims, and Hindus were their biggest vicitims.
Reply:The word "Allah" is the perfect description of the "One God" of monotheism for Jews, Christians and Muslims!

Is "Allah" only for Islam and Muslims?

[No! It is for All Three Abrahamic Faiths.]

"Allah" is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came.

On page one [1] of Genesis in the Old Testament, we find the word "Allah" seventeen [17] times.

Every hotel and motel has a Bible. Next time you see one look in the introduction, you will find samples of the different languages they have translated. For Arabic they have translated the verse in the New Testament in Arabic from the famous verse in the Gospel John 3:16 -

"For God so loved the world . . . "

- and the word the translators used in Arabic for "God" is the very same word used by Muslims around the planet, "Allah."

Where Does the word "Allah" Come From?

"Allah" comes from the Arabic word "elah"a god' or something worshiped. - (Arabic) means '

This word (elah) can be made plural (gods), as in "aleha" and it can be male or female just as the word in English can be "goddess."

"Allah" comes from "elaha" but it brings more clarification and understanding.

Allah= Has no gender (not male and not female)

"He" is used only out of respect and dignity - not for gender

Allah = Always singular - Never plural

"We" is used only as the "Royal WE" just as in English for royalty

Allah =Means "The Only One to be Worshipped"
Reply:I think it's a bit extreme to compare this to Hitler.
Reply:The question seems to be very interested.Regardind " Allah" and "Om" or Aum" are having concerned with your heart feelings and these words and Also " Amin" are coming from internal heart feelings. You can not take or superior man of your religion who can put the word"Why these.............." and it shows that you have very little knowledge about your religion. In my opinion you should express your forgiveness for such sentence. Regarding moon and other symbols similarlities with Lord Shiv Moon nobody can prevent for taking any thing from Almighty God. If you ask such question then you are going against the wishes of Lord Shiv wishes . That is To think about welfare of others and excuse to those who are against your wishes. You do not know that Swastik sign taken by Hitlar was just oppisite to Swastik used in India. Thereby,your question asked is lack of knowledge. Prior to ask your question you should have a knowledge about " What you are asking"
Reply:The Word "Allah" is patented in Malaysia. Non muslims should not speak, write or print in any form, unless you find the salavation in that religion. Some one could issue a Fatwa. Please be careful

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