Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plz Suggest me some hindi/sanskrit house names for my new house.?

The names should be really meaningful...and ofcourse should have a good meaning. I prefer the name to be really unique i.e not a common one!!!!!!!!...

Plz Suggest me some hindi/sanskrit house names for my new house.?
these are some names:-



Reply:try these-

Aakesh (M)

Sanskrit: lord of the heavens

Adisesha (M)

telugu, snake of Hindi mythology

Aditya (M)

sanskri: sun

Ajalaa (F)

Sanskrit: earth

Ajit (M)

sanskrit: invincible

Akhilendra (M)

Sanskrit: lord of the heavens

Amit (M)

hindi: infinite, unlimited

Amitabh (M)

sanskrit: of unmeasured splendour (one of the 5 aspects of Buddha in Mahayana Buddhism)

Amrit (M, F)

sanskrit: immortel, ambroisia (a name of Shiva and Vishnu)


sanskrit: happiness (a name of Shiva and divine buddhist attribute)

Anil (M)

sanskrit: air, wind (a name of Vaya, charioteer of Indra)

-%26gt; F: Anila

Anshu (M)

sanskrit: beam of sunlight

Anuradha (F)

sanskrit: Stream (brook?) of Offerings (name of one of the 28 stars of Hindu astrology)

Arjun (M)

hindi: the fight for truth and justice (from the Mahabharata) / sanskrit: white (color of dawn, lightning, milk and silver). Name of the noblest of the 5 Pandava princes of the Mahabharata

Arun (M)

sanskrit: reddish-brown (color of dawn, gold and rubies; personnification of dawn and charioteer of the sun)

-%26gt; Aruna

Arvind (M)

sanskrit: lotus

Asha (F)

sanskrit: hope

Ashish (M)

sanskrit: prayer, blessing

Ashok (M)

sanskrit: one who neither causes nor feels sorrow (a tree)

Atul (M)

hindi: incomparable

Avani (F)

Sanskrit: earth

Avanindra (M)

Sanskrit: one who owns the Earth

Avijit (M)

One who cannot be won over

Badrinath (M)

Lord of Mt. Badri

Badriprasad (M)

gift of Badri

Bageshri (F)

name of a raaga
Reply:___ vilas ...u can fill the blank with the name of elderly person or a child's name, i wud sound gud!!! :)

or google it!
Reply:this web site might help
Reply:if there r nly 2 ppl living ther make it ur name. otherwise lay in ur backyard and look at the clouds. say wateva comes 2 mind
Reply:jannat (heaven)

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