Friday, April 23, 2010

Can u suggest me a sanskrit company name?

it has to have the following requirements:

-It should be Sanskrit.

-It should sound modern.

-It should have some good meaning.

Can u suggest me a sanskrit company name?
Shakthi Steels (Shakthi = strength)

Ayas Steels ( Ayas is root of ayaha means iron) (ref:Santhapthaayasi samstithasya payaso naamaapi na jnaayathe = You cannot find the traces of the drop of water which has been put upon a hot iron)

Ishita aslo sounds good, i dont know the meaning of ishita, but ishta is like
Reply:ekta = togetherness or unity

bhakti = devotion (to god)

avtar = descendant

I think you should somehow relate it to your company's work/goal.

here's a link that has English words with Sanskrit Origin. That way people will be able to figure out or have a clue of what your company is about.

hope it helps! :)
Reply:what does this company do? that can make a big difference.

check out this site.

the columns marked "san" and "san-TL" are the sanskrit and the transliteration. see what you like and is appropriate. the site is pretty reliable [ive never had a problem].

ive always liked 'ahimsa', the theory of non-violence and 'shanti', peace. 'namaste' is pretty awesome - kinda like 'i bow to the divinity/enlightenment/soul in you'- but its kinda trendy and people might think youre a yoga studio.

good luck
Reply:add some details like

what kind a company do you have ?

textile , antiques or etc

what's about "ambika" it means mother

ambika.pvt .lmt

well ishita such a nice name

ishitasteel.pvt.lmt it sound good

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