Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pliz suggest a good sanskrit/hindu name for an community organization.?

A community based organization with the basic objective of looking after your near and dear ones from the "cradle to the grave", if you will. The deatiled objectives are

(a) child care, (b) play school, (c) Tuitions, (d) hostel for boys %26amp; girls, (e) hostel for working women, (f) care for the elderly.

Pliz suggest a good sanskrit/hindu name for an community organization.?
'Jeevan Sangini', 'Jeevan Raksha Mahasabha', 'Sanjeevani', 'Saathi', 'Sada Sang Mahashabha', 'Sada Sahaaye'
Reply:the name for ur organization could be sambhavami yuge yuge it means in evry place in every era ill b there to lead or protect : this line is from bhagavad geeta lord krishna says to arjun .

or u cud use srujuna or sarvejana pick ur choice and lemme know ifu like my idea
Reply:"SABKA SAHARA" , means helping people in need. This can be one of the name.
Reply:ABDHI. This can be a suitable name because you are talking of sea of life which is flowing from your abjectives. ABDHI means Sea or a ocean in Sanskrit.
Reply:Bhartiya Jeevan Beema Nigam!!..(Life Insurance Corporation!!)
Reply:The best and shortest name is "SAYA" . In Hindi language saya means the " Shadow ". Your org. is a shadow for the needy like a big tree gives chhaya(saya or shed ow) to the person who are still away from his destination and have no men-made place to rest there.
Reply:Jeevan ka har pal hum aapke saath

Reply:sab ka sahara,

hum hai na,
Reply:' Dharma ' - meaning roughly - good deed.....
Reply:Dear friend,

first of all hearthy wishes and reagrds. you have step on a very good, but difficult job.

the name i suggest are:

1: SEVA: small and short it explains everything.

2: Deen Chatrachaya: meaning shelter for the needy

3: Ashaa: a ray of hope

4: Ujwal Prakash: divine light

i suggest you theme must be "asatoma shat gama ya, tama sho ma......."


with regards

Reply:[ A ] Kishore suraksha Graha //

[ b ] Krida vidhyalaya

[ c ] Chatra Pramarsh Kendra

[ d ] Balak %26amp; Balika Chatrawas

[ e ] Mahila Graha

[ f ] Parijano ki tarah Dekhbhal
Reply:"SUBHADRAM.". means SECURE


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